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Will We All Ever Agree?

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Do you think all of us will ever agree on everything? Let me rephrase that…Do you think we will all agree on most everything? Let me rephrase that… Do you think all of us will ever agree on anything?

The answer is “probably not.”

After editing and publishing newspapers for a decade in the 1980’s, I eventually concluded that one would never be able to get everyone to agree on anything. In fact, I learned it’s difficult to get half the people to agree on any side of an issue. Usually, the undecided people will make it hard for someone to get the majority on their side of an issue or campaign.

So, how are we going to handle our disagreements? Will you agree to always give in to me? I doubt it and I am sure I will not agree to always give in to you on issues. Sounds like we will need to do some compromising and show respect for people with whom we do not agree. If we make 100% agreement a condition of friendship, we’ll soon be without any friends. We live in a civilized country, but we’re not always civil to one another. It’s time we replace hate with love and some of America’s biggest problems will be solved.

Think about it.